For leaders

For leaders

Why should you as a pastor go to this conference?

Leadership can be hard. Pastoring can be hard. There is an assumption that the people God has chosen to carry his message and purpose must be the most emotionally stable and healthy, but that`s not always the case. All you have to do is open your Bible to find countless men and women being used by God in amazing ways, while at the same time struggling. It can be a very lonely road to travel.

Our hope is that ECHO will inspire, excite and encourage you in your daily tasks of leadership. We believe there is so much to learn, through conversations between leaders. Experienced pastors have hard won wisdom they can impart to hungry young leaders and young pastors brimming with excitement can inspire even the most experienced ones. Through hanging out together, worship, biblical teaching and seminars, we hope to ignite your passion for the ministry and renew your energy in your vocation.

Passion is important. Why? It inspires others to join in and identify with your vision. Not only that but passion is contagious, and unfortunately so is the lack there of. If you want to have a passionate, inspired team, ECHO is just the place to have your fires stoked and bellows blasting.

So if you`re looking for intense bible study, inspirational conversations with leaders in different situations, knowledge on how you can lead and work with any generation and to spend time discussing all of this with the group you are leading- ECHO is for you!

We can`t wait to meet you- and welcome you in our Leaders Lounge!

How does the schedule look like for leaders:
As a leader or pastor, you will follow the main sessions. You are welcome to join all seminars, but some of them will be for 'leaders only'. We have a nice and cozy Leader Lounge prepared for you, where you can meet and connect with other leaders and pastors.


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